Summer flowers

On the summer eve, 7KA brand released a collection of cotton cardigans,
dresses and costumes inspired by the incredible atmosphere
of the Black Sea coast. The raging sea, mountain peaks and cliffs, tropical
greens and exotic flowers, luxurious architecture
of Soviet sanatoria are the bright images that have found their embodiment
in the summer collection.

Prints are represented by a unique combination of exotic butterflies and plants,
vintage illustrations,architectural details.
The color scheme refers us to rich palette of green tropics, incredible
transitions of sky at the sunset, changing colors of the troubled sea,
gray and powdery tones of a rainy sea day.
Soft cardigans will perfectly fit the figure, make stunning combination with light dresses
and costumes and will add warmth on a cool summer evening.

Recently restored old Stalinist sanatorium
in the city of Sochi with a luxurious
tropical garden and a coastline was chosen
as a shooting location, making unique and
changing nature of the Russian south an integral
part of the 7KA summer collection.

Model: Nnenna Rimma Nvogvugvu
Photographer: Daria Mitrofanova
Stylist: Irina Slutskaya
MUAH: Anna Pyatibratova

Location: Rodina Hotel Grand Hotel & Spa