Painting Inspiration

7КА capsule collection is inspired by the picturesque images of the bright Russian artist Andrei Remnev. His works are made in the technique of multilayer painting and incomprehensibly combine the techniques of European and Oriental art, canons of Old Russian icon painting - with very modern details and realities.

Simple images and deep space of the paintings are combined with sophisticated decorative features. Image of feminine beauty and a gorgeous, majestic woman is underlined by the garments made from velvet, brocade, gold and decorated with incredible patterns. This approach is close to the philosophy of our brand, when a simple form of clothes is transformed through the use of complex prints and decorative elements. A woman in such clothes attracts attention and feels really special and feminine.

The unique art technique of Remnev, the interweaving of images, the combination of colors and textures, the use of natural pigments that give unique shades, inspired us to create new prints and forms of capsule collection.

Cardigans are decorated with fragments and decorative elements from the works of Andrei Remnev "High Water", "Wind Care", "Nymph", "Eurasia", "Pine Nuts" and "Russian Fugue".

The shooting of the capsule collection took place under the sounds of musical instruments in the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.