Garden of the Arts

The collection autumn-winter 2018/19 was inspired by the brilliant images of Russian theater and art that are symbols of the Russian state and its culture. The prints used in the collection were inspired by the masterpieces by Mikhail Vrubel, such as "The Swan Princess", and the paintings of the bright modern artist Andrey Remnev, where the images of endless water, graceful swans, tender white water lilies, associated with the magnificent opera and ballet performances of the Bolshoi Theater .

The unique techniques, colors and structures used in the paintings were transferred to clothes that make up the autumn wardrobe - cozy suits with trousers and skirts, dresses with basques, capes and cardigans decorated with feathers. The color scheme is represented by autumn bright and saturated colors, where terracotta shades are intertwined with aquamarine, sand, amber and emerald.